Due to logistical issues and concerns we have had regarding a clean delivery of RepX & Aquarfest – Melbourne 2018, we have decided to postpone the show. We want to deliver a show that is the best reptile and aquarium show that Melbourne has ever seen and to do that for November isn’t conducive with delivering the standard we aspire to. We will be coming back later, making sure that the shows are as good as they can be and doing it right the first time.

We have notified the exhibitors who have already signed on, we have contacted everyone who has messaged the page and we will be getting in contact with all ticket holders to get their tickets refunded.

We would like to thank you for the support you have shown and we are committed to making sure that RepX and Aquarfest represent their respective industries properly and give the viewing public something they can’t wait to see and will talk about after.

RepX & Aquarfest Team