RepX Ambassador - Neville Burns
Industry Celebrity

Neville Burns

Neville Burns has spent most of his adult life entertaining audiences around the country with educational reptile shows that are always imbued with his wry and quintessentially Australian sense of humour. In recent years Neville, who would never be lost in a crowd, has spoken at international reptile expos in the US, Canada and Germany. He has also written a book about his exploits, and has just celebrated 60 years’ involvement with reptiles.

RepX Ambassador - Michael Cermak
Wildlife Photographer

Michael Cermack

One of Australia’s premier wildlife photographers, Michael is also a prolific writer, and is a renowned breeder of Australian Green Pythons. He also finds time to involve himself in herpetological research, both in Australia and overseas, notably Borneo. He has an intense dislike of shoes!

RepX Ambassador - Gavin Burns
Reptile Scientist

Dr. Gavin Bedford

Part visionary, part entrepreneur, part eccentric but always someone to be reckoned with, Gavin is a driving force behind major Darwin tourist attraction, ‘Crocosaurus Cove’, and other ambitious projects such as the captive breeding program for the Oenpelli Python. He is passionate about the concept of ‘community conservation’ and continues to campaign for the establishment of a national body for reptile keepers. The author of the popular book My First Reptile, Gavin is a leading scientist and devoted family man who is equally serious about wetting a line!

RepX Ambassador - Joe Ball
Specialist Reptile Breeder

Joe Ball

Top ‘blue-tongue bloke’ Joe Ball is at the very forefront of blue-tongue morph breeding and has created some incredible animals. Endowed with boundless enthusiasm and an eye for spotting anything with potential, Joe is also extremely generous in sharing his time and knowledge. His blue-tongues have to be seen to be believed!